Friday, July 10, 2009

good enough to eat!

i posted earlier about the info i got from the post by pokahontas on last night i had a facial night. i have done the lemon/sugar scrub once before, but something was different about my routine last night, and whatever it was gave me the softest skin. i am literally struggling not to touch my face because it is SO SOFT. this combo is a keeper for sure.
  • washed with desert essence + clarisonic, as always
  • ACV toner
  • lemon sugar scrub, exfoliated and left on ~5 min
  • greek yogurt + raw honey mask, ~15 min
  • moisturize with AV gelly and grapeseed oil
i have two hormonal blemishes that i have been successful in leaving alone, but they are taking too long to shrink for my liking. i tried another tip i picked up, covering them in raw honey and a bandaid and leaving this on overnight. well, guess what...they are in fact a lot smaller. i am thinking 3 days of this could make them disappear, which is GREAT for the cystic one on my chin.

i am selling/swapping this philosophy microdelivery peel -- it's really good, but i don't see myself using it anymore now that i have this regimen.

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