Sunday, January 25, 2009

something old, something new

the old? clarifying and DCing. the new? baking soda!

i've been slightly intrigued by the idea of using that big ol' tub of bentonite clay for my hair, as evidenced in kinkerbelle's fotki, but before i got into all that i wanted to try out the baking soda texturizer that littlegoldlamb profiles in her fotki. long story short...i still have the same texture =)

1) washed with organix vanilla silk the smell, but still convinced that there is sometihng better out there that doesn't tangle my hair. either i'm using too much or my curls are trying to tell me something!

2) airdried to 80%, as suggested by LGL, then applied the mix. i added approximately 2 tbsp of conditioner to a small container of trader joe's nourish spa conditioner -- probably the amount i would use to DC with. i left it on for an hour under a plastic cap.

3) rinsed and applied DC mix: gvp conditioning balm/kenra mc/herbal oil blend. went to exercise like i said i would, then left it on for maybe an hour past that as well.

4) detangled, rinsed out DC, plopped with t-shirt, applied gvp's paul mitchell the conditioner, and twisted it up into 1-12 big fat ones.

granted, my hair is really soft, but it doesn't feel any different from when i normally clarify and DC. i can see myself doing it again -- maybe, it's kinda time consuming -- but it's not a lifesaver.

pics coming when i unload my camera.

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