Wednesday, January 21, 2009

(re)discovering the wig

since my grandma wore a wig every day of her life (that i can remember), i always thought of them as something you wear when you're bald or nearly bald. i also thought they were extremely ugly, but my mind is being changed more and more every day. it started about 3 weeks ago when i went in the bss to get some kinky twist hair for my sister and i saw this really cute red and black bob. there is NO WAY i'm cutting my hair, but i thought shorter hair might be a welcome change, so the other day i went back in and tried it on. that one didn't work out for me, but i bought two others, one that i'm realllly in love with. well needless to say, i'm a wig junkie now. i've spent a lot of the past two days on and looking at new full and half wigs, and on LHCF and BHM looking at other styles on people and wig regimens. i think this could really work for me...i mean, it sure is cheaper and less damaging than sew-ins. here is my fave, it's the "baru" by bobbi boss.

i soaked it in ACV trying to get rid of the shine, kinda like i do with braid hair, but it didn't really work. i have also read that sprinkling powder on it works, so i guess i'll try that tomorrow. if nothing else, it will fade over time. i bought some hats to go with it too, and my head was EXTRA toasty today:my next step is to look into some half wigs, since they seem more realistic and i can use all my favorite headbands with them. check out this one that i saw on gmbs, "tammy" by outre:

i like the big hair, teyana taylor look, and plus these are easier to blend than the straight hair ones. i'm so excited!

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yours truly said...

great choice for a wig girl. suits you really well. i wanna find me a nice natural looking one myself.