Sunday, January 25, 2009

the addictive nature of FAKE HAIR

i bought two more wigs, and decided to get rid of the short one -- it should be on the exchange forum shortly. here are my two new boos (in the curly one, i decided to smile, since the general consensus is that i look EVIL, lol)

1) femi "irina" synthetic LF - i like it, it's just a tad long for me...haven't decided whether i want to cut it or not yet.

2) freetress "fresno girl" half wig

still looking into the tammy, and since the SLF works so well for me, this one as well...femi "kelly":
my hair is LOVING me right now. it gets to stay twisted up for days on end, and i can even start megassaging again (although, as we know, saying it is easier than DOING it). i mean, i even DC'd under the half wig the other day...just covered my cap with a satin scarf, put on the wig, and pulled the scarf up over the edges so it looked like i had a headband on. PERFECT. the other day i realized the best way to do it is to make an ear-to-ear part in the front, then flat twist that in case i need easy access to the front of my hair for the half wig, and then flat twist the back. so far, so good.


A Girl... said...

I love wigs... Both look nice on you but the curly wig is hott! I'm about to head over to hairsisters for that one. Thanks for the support on my transitioning post :)

Heat Styled Natural said...

I love half-wigs. I usually flat twist in the front or smooth and tie down my hair when it wet though. Low-manipulation styles helps me achieve a lot of growth.