Monday, February 22, 2010

my latest project...

now that i've got the hang of crochet braids, i am trying to learn about tree braids. this may be one that i have to get someone else to do for me initially, but i am intrigued. i never really knew what they were, save this one thread on LHCF one time, but even then i didn't read through it to see what the buzz was. the thing i like about crochet braids is the fact that they mimic a really intricate, complex style but take so little time -- for example, normal micros take what, 10-12 hours, but you can get crocheted micros in about 3-4 hours. it's sort of the same deal with tree braids, from what i read...they resemble micros or a sew-in but take 3-5 hours max. what's more is you can use either straight or wavy hair to get the desired if i DO go this route, i'd probably get wet and wavy since i'm definitely a girl who likes versatility. now all that's left is researching them some more -- any time i find a style i am interested in, i read till my eyes are about to fall out, then rest up and watch youtube videos showing different ways people do them. i just started this process last night, so i am not too far in it all, but within the next few weeks i hope to be certain as to whether this is doable or not. if nothing else, i can at least try it on my guinea pig of a sister -- she pretty much is open to anything, so we will see.

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