Monday, February 22, 2010

love it or hate it: ion effective care treatment

well, the full name of this thing is a mouthful: ion effective care treatment intensive therapy protein fortifier and moisturizer...but this treatment (which i find a light enough protein for MY protein-happy hair to use whenever i DC) is quickly making its way onto my holy grail list. i purchased it back in january when i had those coupons to use from my december babyliss thermal ionic rollabout dryer purchase, and shelved it for about a week until it was time for me to install my box braids. the day i used it, it gave me all the signs of a good deep conditioner: it was available in a large bottle, it smelled good (as in not offensive), it was thick enough to stay on my overturned hand, and it made my hair feel heavy (and thus moisturized) after sitting with it under the dryer. as an added bonus, it not only counts in my book as a light protein, but it also moisturizes, since my hair looooves panthenol! i could tell that it was a keeper once the little bit of breakage that i was still suffering after going through that matting incident in the hospital came to a halt after my DC session with this bottle -- my hair definitely felt stronger, and there was less of it in the comb. in addition, this was WITHOUT adding anything to it, and you know i love to add honey and oils to my DCs! as an additional test, i used it on my sister's hair undoctored before installing her kinky twists. the difference in her hair was also distinct: way less hair in the comb after i rinsed and began detangling, as well as a heavier, but not coated feeling to her strands. i will definitely be using this on her hair between braid installs. i am SO glad i got the liter bottle, and it's a steal at $11.99 (with my sally card) for a bottle that large! i am becoming more and more impressed with sally's products as time goes all i have to do is try that hairone cleanser and i may have found everything i need for wash day at sally's, styling tools included!

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