Monday, February 22, 2010

hair inspirations

i SO want a full weave with bangs like this...or when i'm MBL i'll get em

now that i am coming closer to my goals (and my hair is safely tucked away so i can't do anything drastic to it), i spend lots of time daydreaming about what i want my hair to look like when it's all grown up. here are a few pictures i have saved to my hard drive over the past few months...everything from cuts to weaves i want to new hair colors. enjoy!

i think the ends of these box braids are LOVELY...pic courtesy of LHCF

i love this ponytail!

her color (and length unstretched) are both dreeeaaaammmmy!
i'd KILL for hair this length...then again, i'll just give myself 2 years, lol

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