Sunday, October 25, 2009

want it, need it, gotta have it: fall/winter edition

now that i'm putting away the flip flops and shorts in lieu of pea coats and leather boots, it's time for me to revamp some of my current products/habits until winter weather returns. here is a list of things i really need (ok, some are wants) to get me through the colder days.

  • ditching the coconut oil for avocado oil
  • castor oil to seal and weigh down my ends
  • jane carter nourish and shine for straight hair weeks
  • qhemet biologics burdock root butter cream...something to COAT those strands
  • cantu shea butter leave-in for daily moisturizing
  • lustrasilk cholesterol (an old favorite) for defined curls/waves and DCing
  • hairone cleanser to clean the gunk off my hair without the tangling effect of sulfates
  • more hair accessories...clips, headbands, silk scarves, bra strap headbands, ouchless bands
  • gel: ecostyler clear, aloe vera, fantasia IC are among my choices

  • FHI Runway (definitely a WANT, since my solia works fine)
  • a new denman...mine is ready to cross over to the promised land
  • more large magnetic rollers, perhaps of the ceramic variety
  • caruso steam rollers
  • bigger flexirods (i currently only have the grey ones)
  • salons r us dryer to dry my hair faster
  • bone combs...snagging those strands is not attractive
  • shower filter
  • hot air brush to cut down on styling time
  • more deep conditioning...more than likely i will continue using aussie moist or GVP CB
  • less cowashing, more styles that last 3+ days: buns, twistouts, frohawks, chunky twists
  • MORE STRETCHED HAIR! my ends do not get along with one another...
  • stretching hair with the denman and a blow dryer
  • a solid weave regimen for when the time comes
  • self-installed cornrows and flat twists i won't be ashamed to wear in public!
  • fish oil
  • GNC vitapaks? these look really interesting...

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