Sunday, October 25, 2009

back to curly...

after wearing my hair straight for the last 4 weeks, i went back to curly yesterday. i will stick it out for a week or 2 (knowing me, probably more) before getting weaved up for the rest of the year. i actually found a really great thread by Nichi on LHCF documenting the weave she has had installed since late august and hopes to have until the first of the year. i found a lot of similarities between what she is doing and what i hope to do: she's natural 4a, is using sensationnel goddess remi (which is actually on sale right now at hairsisters for $35.99, BOGO FREE as well) and started out with it in longer layers, then had it cut to a very stylish bob after a few months. this is something like what i plan on doing...wearing it, going to a curly install (more than likely BoBraz) for a few months, then switching back to the bob. don't get me wrong, i LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing my natural hair out, but i am stuck in an APL rut now and it would be lovely to make it past that hump in time for the summer of 2010.

here is my current wash day regimen, which i will probably follow every 2 weeks or so until my install.
  • prepoo with EVOO, VO5 tea tree therapy conditioner - 4 hours to overnight
  • shampoo: motions lavish conditioning
  • porosity: roux pc
  • protein: joico k-pak deep penetrating reconstructor - 15 mins (1x/month)
  • moisture: joico k-pak intense hydrator - 45 mins
  • leave-in: PM the conditioner
i did buy the joico products, a 16 oz jar of matrix biolage conditioning balm, and a 16 oz bottle of PM the conditioner at the JCPenney sale, but i returned them in lieu of the GVP versions. since there is no GVP intense hydrator, i will substitute it with the GVP CB.

styles i plan on utilizing:
  • WNG (current, but gotta get away from this)
  • braidouts
  • twistouts
  • frohawk with the middle worn as a twistout
  • blown out fro
  • flexirod sets

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