Monday, November 23, 2009

inching along

it may not seem like it, but my hair is still inching along towards my goal. this is a picture i took tonight...even with that trim, i can see that the u-shape has grown out some more. i know that i need trims, so i will try to stick to every 3-4 months. with that said, NO MORE CUTTING TILL MARCH!

my skin is inching along, too...i did my 2nd glycolic peel tonight. so far, i have 5 peels completed: i did the three lactics about 3 or 4 days apart, then waited a week for the first glycolic, then gave it another 4 days before doing the one i did tonight. i'm not doing another one until next monday, when i will rotate back to the lactic peel. i am glad that i read regular witch hazel can be used as a pH prep, because everyone was right: i am going through the prep solution much faster than the peel itself. i have also started pouring a tiny amount into a bowl and using a concealer brush to ensure more even application. i wonder if MUA is having a black friday sale, because i definitely want to buy a sample of the TCA peel. i may go on and get the 12.5%, but if i don't there is always the option to get the "lunchtime" 8% peel. i probably won't get anything until half of the bottles i have are gone, and i am far from that, so that gives me time to think -- you know how i am.


9babydragons said...

Your hair is looking good. Followed you from LHCF while I was looking for winter naturals help.

The skin thing I can identify with. I was told that I have rosacea - I don't believe it - so I'm very careful with peels and stuff. I'll be watching you to see how they work.

The Anti Hair Slave said...

I want more info on the @ home peels please!