Tuesday, May 5, 2009

weave check #2...

...and this time i wasn't wearing a weave! hahaaaaa

on saturday, i went to a que party with one of my best friends. we are both natural, but she is more 3c than anything else, while i am clearly 3c/4a. i had a WNG that had been blown dry by the wind coming through my car window, so it was nice but still all over the place in a funky kind of way. we got to the front of the line, and one of the ques came up to me.

que: when you get inside...can i play with your hair?
me: you wanna what?! why?
que: cause it's so...playful. -touches hair-

at this point i kind of flinched because he was touching me, but when he went straight for my scalp i realized what was going on. when he started smiling and twirling my curls, i knew i was being weave checked. well, glad i could make his night, i guess. the last time this happened was the summer of 2007, and i was definitely wearing a full sew-in. that guy's in the NBA now, so i figure i blew my chance of being a trophy wife that night.

i crack myself up.

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