Thursday, November 13, 2008

back on the wagon

oh my goodness, it's 11/13. it's been a month since my bday...and five since the BC.

i'm in serious "get to APL by december" mode again, mostly for selfish reasons - like seeing the look on my ex and my cousin's faces - but nevertheless i want it, dammit. I megassaged again sunday, then tuesday night i DC'd (with heat, 30 min), cowashed (trader joes + STC), and ponytailed it up...but the interesting thing was my DC mixture. i love throwing in random crap, so i added NTM mask, coconut oil....and STRAIGHT MT! i have heard about some people on LHCF using this stuff to DC (apparently it does wonders to stop breakage) so i gave it a whirl. my hair felt kind of tangly when i was rinsing so i got scared, but there seems to be no harm done. i will only be doing that at max twice a month though, don't wanna overdo it. the funny thing is it's 24 hours later and the middle of my ponytail is still damp, which means it's still moisturized, something i seem to have trouble with when i wear my everyday puff. this ponytail thing might be something to look into.

for those who are wondering...yes i tried a bun. no i didn't wear it out in public because it made me look like an alien.

i'll try megassaging again thursday night and i'll throw in the classic kenra mc + clear glaze DC this weekend. no better recovery than to get up and start running again.

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