Tuesday, August 5, 2008

fasting is NOT just for buddhists!

i am thinking about adding a one-day-a-week fast to my skin care regimen. well i guess it would just be something to add to my life to make me healthier, but perhaps the effects would be seen in my skin. i have never fasted before, but if i am looking into doing a raw food detox later this month i guess it would make more sense to do it for at least one day so i know what i am getting into. i also planned on adding healthy fridays into my routine, where i add a new health goal for the week in every friday, but doggone it i keep forgetting to post on fridays! i will just make a list of what i am currently doing and *see* if i remember to add to it this friday, which is highly unlikely because i think i will be too busy out enjoying the sunshine. i get to get out of the house again, yay!

what's going on now: hair/skin/nails vits, flaxseed oil tablet every day. (i am thinking about switching to a regular multi and omegas when these two are gone.) 100oz water every day.

UPDATE: i made this thread in the LHCF health and fitness forum...and apparently my question has become a challenge. yay! i unofficially started this past wednesday, so with my 100oz of water i also had a small salad, a few saltine crackers, a plum, and a celery heart. it went great, but next week i will try to have more fruit and teas on hand.

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QuEen_dEe said...

That sounds like a good idea. I remember reading about the benefits of a one day a week fast in the book The Maker's Diet. Keep us updated?