Friday, June 18, 2010

back into hiding

after that whole setback thing, i was ready to just put my hair back up. it was kind of depressing thinking about what happened, and it was really hot outside anyway. i took a trip to north carolina to visit a friend, and while there, i went curly again. my friend told me a number of times how much he loved my curly hair, and that made me feel so great. (sidebar: his mom makes this really great blend of oils and butters for your hair and skin that he introduced me to....this stuff is GOLDEN!) when i got back, i decided to go ahead and get my bobraz installed. i sealed it and called around to find a weaveologist, and i quickly found someone talented (and budget friendly) to help me out. without going into too much detail, i'll just mention that she was unprofessional....but she did a great job on my hair, and that's the important thing. i got it put in on june 15, two days after my natural anniversary, and i plan on keeping it until sept 15 or so. to recap, it's only one pack, i did not split the wefts, and it is sealed with dritz fray check to minimize shedding.

here is the hair after i sealed it, but before i washed it:she used a zigzag braiding pattern, and i left out my perimeter:
i washed and dried it before she installed it, and since it had very little product in it, this stuff got HUGE!

after wetting it and adding cantu, it looked a little better:
overall, i'm happy with the finished product. i could have left out more perimeter, but it is is long though...almost to my waist when wet, and BSLish when dry. i am toying with cutting it, since it is a LOT of hair, but i haven't yet. i am also thinking about coloring it since my leaveout is still hanging onto that demi-permanent, but i am hoping that will fade to its natural color and match the bobraz by july. it may happen sooner, since i cowash every day just about, but we shall see.


Latise said...

Where did you get the bobraz hair from? and where did you get it installed in NC...I'm going (home) in a few weeks, and I think I want this, to give my hair a break!

Mojo said...

@Latise I purchased the hair from and it came about a week or two before I would have needed it. At the time it was the cheapest place to purchase it, but if you go to the weaves/extensions board on BHM ( there is a massive thread on this hair that keeps a running tally on the current cheapest place, since different sites may run out, put it on sale, or just have bad service. I actually got it installed in VA by going on craigslist. If I had to do it again here in NC, I would do the same thing -- just make sure the person you find has reviews, pictures of their work, and is willing to do a consultation first.

Curly B. said...

I am so happy that I've found your blog because I have a new medium for stalking you. Hehehehe.
I love this install... I think I want something like this for June until the end of the summer!
I'm wondering who I can trust to put it in...