Monday, May 17, 2010

under wraps

i signed up for a membership on BHM waaaaayyyy back in june 2008, but for some reason it kept telling me that my membership had not been approved yet. FINALLY it's working, and i've been posting like a madman in the weaves/extensions section that i've been stalking for so long. like i said, i was toying with the idea of getting a kinky curly install for the summer months, so i can WNG as much as i want without wreaking havoc on my ends. i have been doing a lot of mystery shopping with EPMS this month, and i have a check for $320 coming in at the beginning of june!! i'm going to take this money to get some hair that will last and last, and that way, if all goes well, i can repeat this process next summer. being the product junkie that i am, i have an extensive list of other styles i want to try, and my "hairpics" folder on my laptop is brimming with pictures of cute styles i want to duplicate with some virgin remy hair -- wags NC, indian curly, wavy, kinky straight, maybe even virgin straight -- so i foresee a winter under a weave as well.

i was SO intent on getting some bohyme brazilian for this summer install, and all was going well until the other day, when i ran across a kinky curly thread on BHM and fell in love all over again with AAMH kinky curly. ediese had it back in 2009, and i love the way it looks -- i am just not sure about it since i heard some things about it shedding and shrinking up a lot. see, the thing about bobraz is they are really generous with the lengths, while AAMH seems to be the opposite, from what i have heard. then there was a thread on some vendor who turned out to be a BHM member, and all this unnecessary drama came out of it (so glad i'm a newbie and didn't care)....which basically led to me looking for a CV (Chinese vendor) to get my hair. The plus about CVs seems to be that they can duplicate any kind of hair you want, and it's way cheaper -- i'm taking about $100-ish for 8oz of KC as opposed to AAMH, which charges that amount for 4oz of hair. i did find a site that has bobraz on sale for less than $60, and i am notoriously bad with decisions. i may just get that since it's what i've been lusting after for so long....i seriously don't know why this is so hard!! in any event, i need it soon, since i am taking these twists out in about 2 or 3 weeks and getting a blowout for my two-year. that means by june 24th i need to make a final decision on not only the hair i get, but also who i'm going to get to put it in. i found a few ladies on craigslist who are very inexpensive, but i need more photos of their work and a consultation before i decide for sure who i'm going to give my hard-earned money to. it's going to be interesting to get used to having tracks in my head again, especially since i was so hair-ignorant the last time i had a sew-in. here's to great growth!


nubiennze said...

You sound like me--I've been putting myself through the paces over this summer hair thing. I just removed a silky straight install that was giving me the blues after 2 days (:\), and my anticipated next move has been everything from a Rihanna-esque 27-piece sew in to short yarn braids a la Erika Alexander in "Living Single" to my latest obsession: the wet 'n wavy look. Enter BoBraz and your blog. (:

Might you be willing to share the site where you found BoBraz for $60, as well as any info you may have on reputable CVs? Please and thank you, and best wishes with your summer hair!

Mojo said...

no problem at all! the website was blackhairspray, but unfortunately it was out of stock by the time i decided to order. i ordered from on the 18th, they shipped it out on the 21st, and i got it on the 26th. i got 1 pack of 14" bobraz for $73 total, including shipping and all. the reason why is because they are having a sale (at least i think it's still going on): 30% off with code clairhair. i will do a followup post showing my hair in the next few days after i seal it.

email me at and i will give you information on the CVs i have talked to.

good luck with your summer hair!