Tuesday, June 16, 2009

obligatory 1 YEAR POST BC update

clearly i am not going to be able to do this like i had imagined, but pretty much everything about my hair goes differently than expected/hoped -- why should my "nappiversary" be any different?? my actual 1 year was this past saturday, but because a) i have a life that involves very clingy bffs and b) my old camera was broken a few months ago, and i haven't gotten a new one yet, i don't have the shots i want! i will get a length check pic in sometime this week; i rollerset my hair tonight in preparation, but i can't get my camera to the timer mode without being able to look at the screen, which is cracked! the good news is i'm almost back to apl, the even better news is i am getting sick of my hair so i'm about to braid it up, so barring any setbacks i will be full APL at the end of my 2 month HYH challenge.

i can't leave you without posting pics of SOME sort, so i took a few...well, the ones i could do without being able to use the screen for guidance. the curly pics are interesting, because my hair is definitely bigger when i look at the pics, but it's growing OUTWARD moreso than DOWNWARD. that was kinda expected, though.

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